no esperis el moment favorable CREA’L


correr2Doing sport is good for you, because it’s healthy. You can practise sport alone or with friends. You can make different type of sports depending on the number of persons.When you do sport alone you can practice hopscotch, see how long you can hop on one foot, do jumping jacks, invent some dance moves, do sprints and time yourself to see how fast you go, use a pedometer to count the number of steps between your favorite places, like your house and the park. When you do sport with a friend you can have a handstand contest, invent dances to your favorite songs, jump rope together, ride bikes (don’t forget your helmets), practice pitching and hitting a baseball. When you practise sport with a group of friends you can have a skateboarding contest, play tag, play outdoor hide-and-seek, dance to your favorite music. Apart from doing exercise you must have a healthy diet, because if you make sport but you don’t have a healthy diet it’s like you  weren’t doing anything. A healthy diet is a diet that has in the menu meat, fish, vegetables, in summary a varied diet, and stop eating candies, chocolate, etc.


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Ok, quite extensive on sport and diet but, what about stress? and screen time?


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