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If I were rich I would buy a big house for me and I would travel to Turkey, Holland, London, New York, Paris, Greek and Venecia. I would build my out publicity company, I would buy a lot of shoes and I would give some money to some ONGs.


This is the story of a boy that has suffered bullying.

“I was 13 years old when I had the first contact with the bullying. We were in the sports centre of my town when suddenly other boys entered, they pick us and they started to hit us. Even they didn’t touch my but that made me have panic in all my body.

They threatened us and they said that if the see us in the street they’ll hit us and more, they did that without a reason, simply because they want to show to the other people that they are strong, they were bad people of the town. Afraid I dodged that boys and I arrived to stay a month locked at home. When my friends come to say to my to go to street I said they that I had to study. They made my a tramp saying me that they only want to show me one minute a game, I go out and they bring me out, I didn’t stayed out more than 30 minutes saying that I had to study, when I returned home I was really afraid because I thought that I was going to find again that boys.

I remember how my stomach had contracted and the panic I was feeling when I was walking on the streets, the panic to find them and they threatened me or the catch me for the neck.”bullying

The “piragüismo”, “canotaje” or “canoa kayak” is an aquatic sport that you practice with a light boat, made of glass fiber or plastic on recreation boats and kevlar fiber or carbono on championship boats.


You can go alone in the boat or with one or two persons more. You move the boat with a shovel of one or two leaves, it change with the number of persons that goes on the boat.

In Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, México, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Perú, República Dominicana, Venezuela and Uruguay, is called “canotaje” and in Costa Rica and Honduras is called “canoa kayak”. In Spain is called “piragüismo”.


My favorite film is Twilight. The main characters are Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. This film is about the love story of Bella and Edward, which is very difficult because he is a vampire and she is human and the love behind a human and a vampire never happened before, so everything is difficult because anybody can know that he is a vampire because it’s a secret, and one man that is a vampire, who is called James, wants to kill Bella and love must save she.

What is a sustainable agriculture? Sustainable agriculture integrates three main goals: environmental stewardship, farm profitability, and prosperous farming communities. It refers to the ability of a farm to produce food indefinitely, without causing severe or irreversible damage to ecosystem health. Two key issues are biophysical and socio-economic. What’s worng with the food we eat? We eat to much junk food. We usually eat candies, donuts, french fries, Mc Donal’s hamburgers, etc. and it’s no good to be healthy. It make us be unfit and sometimos overweights and it can make problems with the Herat, the blood, etc. How can I learn more? The people give antibiotic-resistant bacteria, artificial hormones and it make the mad cow. They degadate the envirorment and this are the problems we have with the food industries nowadays.

The TV series I have chosen is “Bones”. In the series they find the bones of a person, and they must discover how  the person was killed, but not only this, they must discover who is the person they have found. They make a lot of tests to discover things to solve the murder.

Greenpeace started in the 1970 with a investigation. The people donate money to this organitzation, or they can help they too esplain to they some situations of danger. You can be a member, you only have to visit the page and there it explains you. International organization for the defender and the cure of the nature. The page is:

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