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This is the story of a boy that has suffered bullying.

“I was 13 years old when I had the first contact with the bullying. We were in the sports centre of my town when suddenly other boys entered, they pick us and they started to hit us. Even they didn’t touch my but that made me have panic in all my body.

They threatened us and they said that if the see us in the street they’ll hit us and more, they did that without a reason, simply because they want to show to the other people that they are strong, they were bad people of the town. Afraid I dodged that boys and I arrived to stay a month locked at home. When my friends come to say to my to go to street I said they that I had to study. They made my a tramp saying me that they only want to show me one minute a game, I go out and they bring me out, I didn’t stayed out more than 30 minutes saying that I had to study, when I returned home I was really afraid because I thought that I was going to find again that boys.

I remember how my stomach had contracted and the panic I was feeling when I was walking on the streets, the panic to find them and they threatened me or the catch me for the neck.”bullying



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